Peep goes to Chinook!

‘Sup guys, Peep here! Today I was introduced to the wonders of shopping. My humans and I spent a lot of money! But we bought some pretty awesome things…


I am re-enacting my worst nightmare! I really hope this fake photo doesn’t happen in real life! Do you guys like one of my humans manicure?


Oh my gods are these smells amazing! There were so many boxes like this one! I made my humans buy so many of these…


This shoe is so big! Shoes are suuuuuper comfy. To bad it wasn’t on sale, otherwise my humans might have bought it for me…


Finally a Peep sized bag! Super spacious though. I really like the pattern.


This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but there are a lot of devices in there. Humans are very destructive.


I feel so tiny! This huge beanbag is 200$! Just a wee bit overpriced.


I love music! I don’t understand how humans wear these though…




Thanks for reading! -Peep



Photo credits: Lynn

Shopper/ Post helper: Alpine


Happy Birthday Harry Potter! *WARNING SPOILERS, SPOILER ALERT*

This blogpost is just meant to celebrate the birthday of the boy who lived! Below you will see a timeline of Harry Potter from birth to death and a bit after.

Before Voldemort gave hime the scar


On the Dursley’s doorstep


11 years old at the zoo with the Dursley’s


First year at Hogwarts


Second year with Ron flying illegally to Hogwarts


Third year heading down to Hagrid’s to try and help Buckbeak


Fourth year Hermione worrying about Harry in the tri-wizard tournament


Fifth year feeding Thestrals with Luna


6th year


7th year


Fighting Voldemort


As an adult with his kids, wife Ginny, and friends, by the Hogwarts express



So lets raise our wands to wish a happy 37th birthday to the boy who lived!

Peep goes to Moyie Falls!

Hi there everybody, its Peep! Today I went to Moyie Falls. It was pretty cold, but super fun!P1000495.JPG

These trees are so tall! (I feel so small right now.)


Is it just me or does this look super dangerous! I don’t want to cross it…


Luckily my human gave me a lift across. Her fedora was a very comfy seat.


Holy landslide! It looks like it didn’t happen that long ago…


The river looks so pretty! I can’t wait to go swimming!


I wonder whats in that container? It look like it hasn’t been opened in a long time.


We are getting close! I can feel it in my wings. (Isn’t this a very artistic picture of me?)


I wonder where this leads and when the last time it was opened?


I love this ledge!


And this cave!


And this fairy ledge cave!



Finally we are here! I love this waterfall. So pretty!


We spent hours swimming and climbing, We even went through a cave tunnel that led behind the water fall! The water was super cold though. Sadly we forgot to take pictures of our swimming, so we don’t have any to show you here, Sorry! After all that, it was time to come home. I am so tired though so, nap-time!


Sincerely, Peep


Photo credits to: Lynn, Holly and David.


Peep goes to Calaway Park!

Hello there, its Peep! Today I went to Calaway park. Man was it fun. The drive there was sorta boring though.IMG_0466.JPG

This sign is so big! Its like 100x my size! (Im at the bottom)IMG_0440.JPG

I don’t really think I am tall enough…IMG_0441.JPG

I finally found a ride I could go on! It was so much fun and so fast! It felt just like I was flying above the tree-tops! I think it was called Adrenaline…  I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!IMG_0446.JPG

There was this weird wood cut-out the humans stuck their faces through. I thought I would try it. I wonder why dizzy dragons are trapped in Calaway park to entertain the humans.IMG_0448.JPG

A fter this photo was taken the SCARIEST thing happened to me! I GOT LOST! I was so scared wandering around the park calling for my owners until a nice human grabbed me (I admit I thought they were kidnapping me) and brought me to these nice ladies. They calmed me down and made the whole situation a whole lot better. After a while my owners came to get me. I was sad to say goodbye to me saviours, but very happy to see my owners! (They are the best Calaway Park employee’s ever!) IMG_0450.JPG

After that scary experience, I got treated to a game of Fried Frogs!IMG_0451

I won the best prize ever! The biggest pom-pom I have ever seen! Its at least half my size!IMG_0454

This was the best day ever! I am so tired though! Home-ward bound to take a nap.IMG_0465.JPGIMG_0455.JPG


Thanks for reading,

Sincerely, Peep!

Throne of Glass review

The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas is an exquisite series which blends a slight bit of romance into a fantasy novel beautifully. I myself am not very into romance novels however, I thoroughly enjoyed this series and all of the adventures within. Sarah J Maas created a universe that most authors strive to write, with great characters and a plot which makes you love the book even more with every plot twist you encounter. It displays a great understanding of the difficulties of human emotion and having to make tough decisions as you mature as well as accepting yourself for who you are. This book has a relatively high reading level and I would recommend reading it if you are in Grade 8-9 or maybe in Grade 6 with a tolerance for gore and romance with a high reading level, however it is found in the teen section of the bookstore, and contains some vulgar language (no F bombs) so take caution. I hope you enjoy this literary masterpiece following an assassin through her journey in the world of Adarlan.

By: Alex


Percy Jackson and the Olympians review

Percy Jackson and the Olympians books are a great example of what life at school is for a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and dyslexia , and how it can be relatable when it feels like the whole world is against you.  Rick Riordan has created a complex universe, that ties in with our current timeline. This series ties in with many more including, the Heroes of Olympus and the Trials of Apollo. This series has a grade 4-5 reading level with some very complex words (i.e. the greek gods names.) I would recommend not reading this series to a child under the age of 6 or 7 as it is rather scary at parts. Have fun in Camp Half-Blood!

By: Holly H and Lynn A

Harry Potter review

The Harry Potter series is an excellent blend of magic and everyday problems such as bullies and bad teachers. It explores every bit of the magic world J.K. Rowling has created, There are many spin-offs and side series. J.K. Rowling expertly wrote the book to grow up with the readers. There are many easter eggs and the story will trap you and never let go. It may seem like a kids to pre-teen book, but many adults will enjoy it too. It has a grade 5 reading level, with some unknown words. It is a great book to read as a bedtime story if you have a child who wishes to read it sooner.  I do not recommend reading the first few books to a child under the age of 6, and the last few to a child under the age of 8. 8 or 9 is a very good age for the series to start being read to the child if they are very eager to join Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the wizarding world. Have fun in Hogwarts!

By: Lynn A